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In case you hadn’t heard, Nominations for the 2010 Exceptional DBA Award are Now Open (make sure you go vote!).

All the talk surrounding the above award reminded me of a more twitter centric award idea I had at the end of 2009:


I sent a couple follow up tweets with ideas for categories, etc. Needless to say, it didn’t really catch fire. So, it’s time to try again…..hopefully the response will be better. Either way, this has been a fun experience in organizing my thoughts for this entry. 🙂

Many of us realize the value of participating via this service with things like #sqlhelp#SQLU , sharing links to blogs/tips/whitepapers, etc.  Of  course,  there’s also the entertaining back and forth banter we all enjoy so much.  All of these things help to build relationships, and ultimately, strengthen the community.  So, the goal  of #sqlMVTis to help facilitate the recognition of those that are contributing in one way or another.

For discussion:

  • I’ve created 3 categories, but am open to input on expansion.
  • Prizes: Would some authors of various coveted SQL Server books be willing to ship a copy of their work to the winner(s)? (assuming they’d even read my blog)

Now, on to the categories:

The Wizard

The all knowing, all seeing SQL entity

The Sherpa

The most helpful and encouraging guide on your path up the mountain towards SQL mastery

The Joker

Consistently makes you ROFL with his/her witty humor

If you have ideas to contribute, either post them here or use #sqlMVT on twitter (and reply to @mikeSQL).

UPDATE: Looks like we’ll be using twittpoll for voting. Thanks for the suggestion, @SQLChicken!

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  1. sqlmesh permalink

    I think it would be a great idea. The community nominate the community.

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