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Keeping track of your wins, FTW


Yesterday, I was discussing  the process of filling out a self review.  Steve Jones  ( blog | twitter ) and Janice Lee ( blog | twitter ) encouraged me to blog about this, so here I am!

Writing a self review should be easy

My first few self reviews in the corporate world were  difficult.  I’d sit and stare at these organizational and departmental objectives, company values, and so on… trying to remember what I did to actually fulfill them. Sometimes it would take me days to think back through the problems that I had encountered and solved,and putting them into the review form. Each time I went through the process, I promised myself: next time I would be prepared.

Keeping track of wins

I started organizing my emails into folders based on context, one of which was ‘success’. All of the positive feedback I received from management, colleagues and clients is placed into this folder. I also put emails that include summaries of major problems I’ve discovered/troubleshot/resolved in there.

Linking it all together

When review time came around again, it pretty much wrote itself due to the content that I had amassed in the months prior.  Yes, I’m exaggerating a bit.  I reviewed all of the emails that I’d dumped in the folder, copied/pasted the key points  into a text file. Then, I  categorized them by where I felt they fit into each business/organizational objective.  At that point, I simply copied and pasted the content into the form and prefaced it by “[summarize the objective], I have met XYZ objective, , here are some examples _____, ____ and ____”.

Hopefully, if you’ve kept track of your successes and can translate those into meeting your objectives, you then have a good business justification for a raise.


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