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Why I’m voting for @SQLChicken for Exceptional DBA….and you should too


If you haven’t voted for Exceptional DBA , please do so here .

In the initial nominations,  I submitted my vote for Jorge Segarra  ( Blog | Twitter )  as Exceptional DBA. When checking my twitter feed this morning, I was happy to see that he had made the final cut, and I cast my vote for him again!  BTW, congrats and best of luck to all of the other nominees.

Why I voted for Jorge

After purposefully avoiding twitter for years (based on ignorance of it’s true value), I came across a social media article about the “top programmers you should follow”.  I thought to myself , “This could be valuable for SQL Server…I need to get on there and start following experts”….so I did.

One of the first people that really made an impact was @SQLChicken . Even though I was new to twitter, he was one of my first followers. He made an effort to make me feel welcome and  provide help/support. He does the same for others, too, which is why I think he’s one of the main players in helping the SQL twitter community to be the success that it is.

B-b-but mikeSQL, being helpful and supportive doesn’t mean you should be voted Exceptional DBA!!!

Indeed. Look at the other things he’s done this year:

1.  Started SQL University , which has turned into a tremendous success

2. co author  Pro SQL Server 2008 Policy-Based Management

3. Pro blogger – he’s syndicated on SQLserverpedia , rated “MSDB” by SQLRockstar (blog | twitter) , blogs on MSDN (ex: Backup and Recovery Basics )

4. Landed himself a shiny new gig with @SQLScottGleason

I’m probably missing a few more supportive points, but these are the ones that come to mind.

Vote for @SQLChicken!


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  1. I voted for @SQLChicken! Was a tough decision(NOT!) because he’s there with @SQLSarg, who is also an exceptional DBA, but I think Jorge’s Community Contributions give him the edge.

  2. Wow dude, I’m truly honored and humbled by the fact you went out of your way to write this up! Thank you for the kind words and I’m glad that I was able to help you get ramped up on the Twitter bandwagon. Don’t forget you’ve been doing a great job yourself!

  3. Janice Lee permalink

    Hey, am I the 26th viewer or the 1000th one? 🙂

    Anyway, just wanted to say–I love SQLChicken too. I think his SQL University is pure genius. And need I say more on his awesome presence on Twitter? That guy RTd 90% of my blog posts…and I think he really read them too! And when he wasn’t RTing my tweets, it was because he was RTing yours, Mike. 😛 (We’ll talk about that later.)

    “being helpful and supportive doesn’t mean you should be voted Exceptional DBA!!!”

    Please smack whoever said this. Duh, of course it’s all about being helpful and supportive.:) Whether they’re exceptional or not should already have been decided before the voting started. Just saying 😉

    Now that it’s in the “people’s” hands, it should be all about community. Has this person ever helped you? Has this person ever inspired you to become exceptional?
    Does the person have a wife with eyelashes to die for??

    So I agree w/ your vote and David’s. 🙂 Onpnt (Ted Krueger) helped me a lot too when I started. I actually received a 1-page email from him encouraging me to be active in the community. Who takes the time to do that?? So for me, it was a really, really tough decision! I actually had to resort to using the magic ball…

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