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And my favorite feature of SQL Server is…*drumroll*


Ken Simmons ( blog | twitter ) currently has a contest in which one can win a MSDN subscription by doing 1 of 3 things (or all 3, if you want to maximize your odds of winning).

This entry is focused on talking about my favorite feature of SQL Server.

The suspense is killing me! What is it?

Oh Noes! What is it???

I’m really not taking the easy way out here when I say it’s Books Online. Why? There’s so much to SQL Server, so many functions,  new features with each release…it’s impossible to remember it all.

It’s especially helpful for me, as I’m currently studying for MCTS 70-433 and have the self paced training kit by MS Press. The book is pretty good, but sometimes I want to read more about a particular function,  etc.  For example, I was reading about/doing some examples with the OUTPUT clause the other day. I wanted to check out what was in BOL, so I highlighted OUTPUT and hit F1. Badda-bing!

Do you need to know how to  install SQL Server? It’s got a tutorial. Want to know more about High availability? Performance? Monitoring? Security? Full Text Search? Filestream? It’s all in there….plus more!

In any complex system, you need great documentation in order to succeed.   Microsoft has certainly done a fantastic job in creating a solid reference w/ BOL. That’s why it’s my favorite!


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