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It’s time for #sqlMVT nominations!

It’s been really great to have the response from the sql community so far! Here is a form to nominate your selections for the three categories. The TOP 5 from each category will be selected, and winners will be selected via another round of voting on twittpoll.

Unfortunately I can’t embed iframes within a blog hosted @ so here’s the link

Still waiting to hear back from various publishers for potential SQL book prizes for the winners! If anyone can help out on that front, let me know.



In case you hadn’t heard, Nominations for the 2010 Exceptional DBA Award are Now Open (make sure you go vote!).

All the talk surrounding the above award reminded me of a more twitter centric award idea I had at the end of 2009:


I sent a couple follow up tweets with ideas for categories, etc. Needless to say, it didn’t really catch fire. So, it’s time to try again…..hopefully the response will be better. Either way, this has been a fun experience in organizing my thoughts for this entry. 🙂

Many of us realize the value of participating via this service with things like #sqlhelp#SQLU , sharing links to blogs/tips/whitepapers, etc.  Of  course,  there’s also the entertaining back and forth banter we all enjoy so much.  All of these things help to build relationships, and ultimately, strengthen the community.  So, the goal  of #sqlMVTis to help facilitate the recognition of those that are contributing in one way or another.

For discussion:

  • I’ve created 3 categories, but am open to input on expansion.
  • Prizes: Would some authors of various coveted SQL Server books be willing to ship a copy of their work to the winner(s)? (assuming they’d even read my blog)

Now, on to the categories:

The Wizard

The all knowing, all seeing SQL entity

The Sherpa

The most helpful and encouraging guide on your path up the mountain towards SQL mastery

The Joker

Consistently makes you ROFL with his/her witty humor

If you have ideas to contribute, either post them here or use #sqlMVT on twitter (and reply to @mikeSQL).

UPDATE: Looks like we’ll be using twittpoll for voting. Thanks for the suggestion, @SQLChicken!

My first post: Giving thanks + blog focus/goal setting

Giving thanks:

Since I have more than 140chars to work with now, this post is a big thank you to all of my SQL Tweeps who have been fundamental in my learning/direction over the past months  (since joining twitter around August of 2009)!   This entry also serves as a shout out to those that encouraged me to blog, hopefully I will be able to provide some useful and interesting content….at least I’ll try my best. 🙂

Blog focus:

Most of the posts  here (for now) will likely revolve around my preparation for 70-433  MCTS: SQL Server 2008 Database Development. I will also cover my  involvement/experiences with the KC SQL Server Users Group (had our sights on a May 22nd SQL Saturday, but we’re pushing it back) , and other associated IT based topics of interest to me.

I’m still tinkering with wordpress, so you might see some changes going forward.

About Me:

I’m currently a systems analyst, working in a data center with over 600 physical/virtual servers.  I do systems administration, systems monitoring and some junior DBA tasks for a series of web applications. I’m lucky to work with a couple Data Architects who’ve been great mentors to me in my quest to become a SQL Server ninja.

My Goals:

Pass 70-433 and 70-432.  I’m also interested in Business Intelligence, and may take 70-448 after those two. I havent decided which MCITP I’ll pursue once those are complete (probably DBA path). I also want to get more experience with using Powershell.

In closing, I’ve got a lot of work to do, so here goes nothin!